Whale Watching in Baja

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Whale Watching in Baja There are so many fun activities to do in Baja Mexico that many tourists overlook whale watching. These people are missing out! Whale watching is one of Baja’s absolute best attractions and the expertise of several of the tour groups practically guarantees that you will see whales during winter excursions. Whale…

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San Felipe

Kayaking Baja

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Kayaking Baja When you imagine a trip to Baja Mexico, kayaking is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Though it is not nearly as popular of a vacation activity as soaking up the sun on the beach, fishing, or surfing, sea kayaking is becoming increasingly popular among tourists in the Baja area….

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Mexican Navy Says It Will Check U.S. Boats

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It’s a good thing: the Mexican Navy is checking U.S. boats in their waters. Arturo Martinez, deputy director of visitor assistance for the state tourism office of Baja California, said that the enforcement is an effort by the Mexican navy to deter drug smuggling operations. http://thelog.com/Article/Mexican-Navy-Says-It-Will-Check-U-S–Boats “Mexican immigration law requires that all persons bring with them…

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Border Crossing Information for Boaters via Tijuana.com

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Thanks to Tijuana.com I’m sharing important border crossing information for boaters! We have many clients towing their boats down to Baja Norte or Sur. There is some pretty good fishing going on down there now, and naturally there will be skiing and wake boarding and such! For more a good read on these topics, check…

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