Ensenada-San Felipe 250 Record Off-Road Race

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June 21-23, 2013 There is no shortage of reasons to visit Baja California this summer, but the Ensenada-San Felipe 250 is certainly one of them! Visiting Baja Norte, Mexico in the summer is filled with adventure and excitement, but the famous off-road races of Baja California are exhilarating for both the racers and the fans!…

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Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Race (2013)

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More simply known as the Baja 500, the Tecate Score International Off-Road Race draws travelers from around the world to the extraordinary off-roading adventures that take place annually on Baja California terrain.  This part of Mexico, in fact, seems divinely designed for off-roading thrills.  This year’s race will take place from May 31st thru June…

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Motorcycling Baja

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The Baja Peninsula stretches southwards for almost 800 miles from the United States border. It offers almost twice that much coastline as the Pacific Ocean borders it to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east. It’s no small wonder that Baja is a popular place for motorcycling as very few places in…

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Baja 1000 (SCORE 1000)

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The Baja 1000, also sometimes known as the Score 1000, is a world-famous off-road race that takes place in Baja Mexico and draws in visitors from around the globe. Because of its close proximity to both the United States border and San Diego, a large number of Americans venture down to take in the action…

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Cancun Off-Road

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Cancun boasts an extraordinary landscape that lures off-roaders and thrill-seekers from around the world.  Its challenging terrain is matched only by the beauty of the sites that riders will see as they cruise the hills and twisty turns of the jungle, mangroves, and dunes.  Located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun is one…

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Mexicali Off Road

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Famous for its off-roading races in the desert, Mexicali has a reputation for rough riding filled with exhilaration and unforgettable desert treks.  The capital of Baja California, Mexicali is a Mexican border town filled with vibrant culture and a thriving tourist industry.  Once a small town, Mexicali has grown to become a progressive city filled…

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Rosarito Off-Road

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Baja California is world famous for its spectacular off-roading experiences.  Mountainous terrain coupled with seaside dunes make this area a playground for thrill seekers.  Situated near the U.S. border, Rosarito, in particular, attracts a great crowd of off-roading enthusiasts.  Just south of Tijuana, Rosarito is only thirty-five minutes from the border, making it popular for…

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Off-Road Los Cabos

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The municipality of Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.  This extraordinary location is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Sea of Cortez on the east.  Known for its world-class sport fishing and golf, the area is also revered for its marvelous off-roading experiences.  Because the municipality…

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