Car Insurance Coverage for Mexico: Essential Elements

Whether you are driving a rental car or your own vehicle south of the border, you will need to have car insurance coverage for Mexico. As you plan your trip to Mexico, one of your priorities should be to make sure that you purchase auto insurance to drive legally in the country.

Not many people in the United States know that their car insurance policy will not be recognized in Mexico and that they will need a Mexican auto insurance policy.

If you do not have proper coverage and get into a car accident during your trip, you can be detained in a jail by Mexican authorities and will need to spend a small fortune on damages as well as legal fees.

To avoid such problems and enjoy your trip, make sure to buy Mexican car insurance well in advance.

Elements of Insurance You Must Have

Mexican auto insurance policies will often be very similar to policies from the United States. However, the interpretations and applications of each element of coverage will differ.

Some elements of coverage from car insurance coverage for Mexico are optional while others are mandatory, including the following:

  • Liability Insurance. Mexican law requires you to have liability insurance when driving in the country. This coverage will help you in paying for damage to others if you cause an accident. Mexican auto insurance policies often offer lump-sum liability coverage.
  • Medical Payments Insurance. This provides you with coverage for some or all of your medical expenses.
  • Legal Coverage. The law in Mexico is different from the law in the US. Mexican authorities determine fault in auto accidents. The local police might be able to arrest and detain you in jail.

You might also remain in custody until you show “proof of financial responsibility.” Legal coverage from car insurance for Mexico might provide you with a lawyer, not to mention court bills, bail, etc.

Other elements include uninsured/underinsured coverage, collision coverage, travel assistance and US repair costs. If you get into an accident, your Mexican auto insurance will prove instrumental in helping you settle matters quickly and much more conveniently.

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