Can I Bring My Dog to Mexico?

Many visitors wonder, “Can I bring my Dog to Mexico?” Pets are better traveling companions than children, cats, lizards, and chicken so why not?

When it comes to the Baja Peninsula, this is especially true. Because it is so close in proximity to the United States and because so many people drive into the country, bringing along pets for the adventure can seem quite normal. So what do you have to do when you travel with your pets into Mexico? The below tips will make sure you are all set to have a wonderful vacation with your furry four-legged friends.

Stop by the Vet

Before your vacation to Mexico, you should stop by your local veterinarian’s office. Have your pet examined and make sure that all of their shots and immunizations are up to date. You should also ask for a signed clean bill of health and proof of vaccination against rabies. You might be asked for these two certificates upon entering Mexico and having them handy will be greatly helpful.

Dog in Mexican Jail
Dog in Mexican Jail

Check With Airlines and Lodging Services

If you are traveling to Mexico by air, then you must check with them about their rules and regulations for transporting pets. The same thing is true for your hotel or camping reservations. Call ahead and check to see if your accommodations allow pets.

Stock Up on Supplies

Many people have brought their pets to Mexico only to find that pet supplies such as food are much more expensive than in the states. Worse yet, some pets don’t cope well with pet food commonly found in Mexico. Just like people grow used to certain foods, so do pets. Do yourself and your pets a favor and make sure that you have plenty of supplies before starting your vacation.

Be Aware of Limits

You can’t travel to Mexico with as many animals as you’d like. The current limit is two dogs or two cats. If you need to travel with more animals, then you will need to contact your Mexican consulate or embassy for more information.

I Can Bring My Dog to Mexico, but Should I?

Unless your pet is a service animal or otherwise essential to your wellbeing, you might want to consider leaving them at home. If you have friends or family that live close by, see if they will take in your pets for the length of your vacation. If they can’t, there are many wonderful pet sitting services available. You can either bring your pet to a boarding house or have a specialized pet sitter visit them at your own home. Yes, it can be difficult to part with your pet, even for only a few weeks, but in many cases, it is much easier on them.

For a lot of people, traveling just isn’t the same when their pets are left at home. It’s almost like leaving a family member behind. If you’re one of these people, take special note of the above tips, and traveling to Mexico with your pets should be a piece of cake.

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