Camping Baja

Camping in Baja

Although the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur fairly brim with hotels and resorts to suit every budget, many travelers simply prefer to camp in order to immerse themselves the in the beautiful surroundings of the Baja Peninsula. Camping near the coasts allows vacationers to fall asleep to the soothing sound of the waves. Camping in Mexico also affords travelers a suitable destination to drive their RVs and to experience all the attractions this region of Mexico has to offer.

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Locating Campgrounds

The Baja Peninsula has throngs of campgrounds for vacationers. Some are quite rustic while others have a wide array of amenities. It’s always helpful to search online for campgrounds located where you plan to travel. Cities like Rocky Point, San Felipe, and Cabo San Lucas, for example, are home to a wide array of campgrounds that are great for RVs and people with tents. You can often easily find online reviews for many of the campsites too.

If you are visiting remote areas–possibly in search of great surfing destinations–you will also want to do some searching online for possible campgrounds in the area. Camping is extremely popular throughout the peninsula. Planning, however, will help you create a great itinerary for your site.

Planning Your Trip

Locating an RV site is important because you’ll need hookups for your vehicle. Don’t forget that you’ll also need Mexican car insurance when driving your RV into the country. However, if you plan only to drive in the peninsula, you will not need a driving permit. You will, however, want to create a checklist so that you bring all the necessary items. If you are planning to camp at a remote site, you may not have easy access to purchase items like water or matches or any other items you might need.

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Depending on where you camp, evenings can be cool while days can be quite hot. Once you know where you are going to hoist your tent, you can do a search for upcoming weather conditions associated with your destination.

Enjoying the Attractions of the Baja Peninsula

Camping allows travelers to get to know the climate and terrain in a memorable way. The peninsula boasts enchanting vistas of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Many campers love to fish as well as hike the natural surroundings. If you want to get away from the seaside for a bit, you can drive inland toward the vineyards of beautiful Valle de Guadalupe or explore the ancient caves and archaeological sites of the landscape.

While camping can be economical, it is also many people’s preferred way to experience an eco-vacation in an exotic locale. Cooking your own meals over a fire and feeling the ocean breeze as you sleep is a delightful way to enjoy getting to know a foreign country. When traveling to Mexico, don’t forget to bring your travel documents and keep them in a safe place at all times. While many adventurists like to camp off the beaten track, it’s always a safe idea to camp in designated areas.

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