Camping Baja

Camping Baja Mexico

Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the many beauties of Baja Mexico. There are so many different places of interest that camping can save you enough money on your trip to enjoy them all. In addition to being cheaper than other forms of lodging, camping in Baja Mexico will give you an up-close and personal view of the area’s attractions. It can also be a fun and relaxing way to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

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Camping Concerns?

But camping in Baja Mexico is not just all fun and games. For starters, there is a crime to worry about. The area immediately south of San Diego in Mexico, Tijuana especially, is known for its petty crime. The farther south you go, the less common crime becomes. But the crime that does occur is often much more violent than the crime to the north because of the illegal drug trade. However, if you are informed about the area and remain cautious when camping in Baja Mexico, chances are very likely that you will be just fine.

Dont just pitch a tent at the beach
Don’t just pitch a tent at the beach

The first thing to know about camping in Baja Mexico is that you shouldn’t just pitch your tent or park your RV at any old spot along the road. Though many beautiful areas are sparsely populated – in some cases completely devoid of other peoples – it doesn’t mean that these areas are open for camping. Much of the time these plots of land are privately owned by farmers, and while they probably won’t come across you if you stay for a night or two, if they do, things could get ugly. There is also the problem of bandits when camping in desolate locales. They tend to target individuals and small groups.

Mexico RV
RV Mexico

Tips for Camping in Baja

So where do you camp when you’re in Baja Mexico? Well, the best place is at a secured campground. There are dozens of these sprinkled along the coast and along the main highways. Best of all, they are cheap, usually only a few dollars per night. Even if you’re camping in an RV, it is best to stay in a secured campground. Bandits tend to target RVs because they are symbols of wealth. A secured campground will be protected by a fence and usually 24-hour security personal.   

It is sometimes okay not to camp in a secured campground. If you can find a nice-looking beach that is close to a decent-looking town, then you might be all set for some beach-side camping fun. The best places to do this are at the edges of small towns where friendly people are close at hand in case of danger. Many of the locals from these small towns are also extremely friendly, and you can never know for sure, but they might just offer to give you some delicious Mexican home cooking for free!

Tijuana Border Fence
Tijuana Border Fence

Baja Camping Conclusion

Finally, you have to remember that weather conditions can change rapidly when you are camping in Baja Mexico. Because much of it is located along the coast, ferocious storms can whip in without warning. Even when weather conditions are calm, the dry air can turn even the warmest of summer days into absolutely frigid nights. Make sure to pack for cold weather even if you’re venturing south during the summer.

Camping in Baja Mexico can be one of the best ways to see the area. It is cheap, fun, and gives you a closer look at everyday life than staying in a fancy hotel does. If you follow the tips outlined above and make sure to always stay alert, then you should be in for a very enjoyable trip.

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