Buying Mexico Auto Insurance

Buying Mexico Auto Insurance

Buying Mexico Auto Insurance? You will need to procure a Mexico auto insurance policy. Mexico does not view your U.S.-based insurance policy as valid. Without insurance or proof of ability to pay for damages (damages that could be in the tens of thousands for a serious collision), you need a Mexico insurance policy to drive legally anywhere in the country. The following tips will help you select a policy that’s ideal for you.

Purchase Your Mexico Car Insurance Policy in Advance 

If you’re visiting Disney Land and forget to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses along, you can expect to pay double or even triple for these items in a Disney souvenir shop. The same principles apply to Mexico car insurance. If you wait until you cross the border to buy your Mexico auto insurance policy, you can expect to pay top dollar for it. Once you’re in their office on the Mexican side of the border, agents know you need their policy and they know they can get away with charging a premium rate.

Instead, shop online for your policy at home. offers affordable rates and features an easy process for online shoppers. Why pay double or triple the rate when you don’t have to?

Buy What You Need 

If you are only going to Mexico for a short stint, a short-term policy may be all that you need. However, if you travel to Mexico periodically throughout the year, you might save money by obtaining a longer-term policy. Our agents can help you select a policy that’s in keeping with your travel habits.

Be Aware of Deductibles 

Just as when shopping for car insurance in the U.S., you’ll want to know about your policy’s deductibles upfront. Currently, Mexico car insurance deductibles for cars and trucks are as follows:

  • Comprehensive (Risk 1): 5% or $1,000 whichever is greater 
  • Collision (Risk 2): 2% or $500 whichever is greater
  • Liability, Legal and Roadside (Risks 3-5):  Zero deductible 

Remember, our agents can help you decide what type of policy makes sense for you. While zero-deductible policies are more expensive, they also provide the ultimate peace of mind should you be involved in an accident.

Know Your Policy 

One of the benefits of purchasing Mexico auto insurance online from your home is that you’ll have time to understand the policy. You know what to do if something happens. When you’re on the go and buying a policy at the border, you may not be aware of important details. Make sure you understand how to file a claim and keep the policy with you whenever you drive so you have the proof you need if you get into a car accident.

The truth is–if you think that buying Mexican auto insurance is a hassle, you haven’t experienced the imprisonment and car impoundment that could happen if you risk driving without it. Be sure to drive legally and get the Mexican car insurance for your trip.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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