Boys Weekend in Rocky Point

If you’re looking to get away from it all and need a vacation destination that is full of adventure and fun, it seems you’re in the market for a Rocky Point get-away. This is a great place for guys (and girls) to experience Mexico and the sunny good times it has to offer.  If you’re looking for a destination where the guys can hang out together over seemingly endless excitement, head to Rocky Point.


If you own an ATV, you can easily drive to Rocky Point and find out why it’s revered for its ATV-friendly landscape.  The sun-scorched outskirts might be hot, but for boys that can take the heat–the terrain is excellent for adventuresome riding.  Individuals and groups can also rent bikes or ATVs and head out onto the hilly terrain or the incredible Rocky Point beaches where off-roading is permitted.  Rocky Point is a popular destination among men who want to experience its terrific off-roading terrain.

Beach Fun

Rocky Point has many beaches along the dazzling Sea of Cortez.  The beaches are a major feature of Rocky Point and are part of the social fabric of the city.  Hang out for beach volleyball or simply to catch some rays.  The beaches are a great place to meet other vacationers as well as where you can experience the glorious Rocky Point climate.  While many guys come to Rocky Point for its exciting adventures, they should definitely book some downtime for relaxing on one of the city’s beautiful beaches like Sandy Beach or Mirador Beach.

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rocky point beach


If you didn’t come to kick back on the sand, you might head into the sea for some jet ski fun or snorkeling!  Perhaps you and your friends are into fishing?  Rocky Point is a premier destination for sport fishing.  Charter a boat and spend your days at sea for a great eco-adventure!  You can also enjoy swimming, scuba, and other great water sports that make Rocky Point such a celebrated holiday destination.


If you’re an avid golfer, Rocky Point is a must-visit northern Mexican town that offers a world-class experience.  Golf is major attraction among tourists to Rocky Point.  For guys that want to include some sport in their vacation get-away, Rocky Point delivers when it comes to beautiful golf courses.  Check out the Links at Las Palomas or the Mayan Palace golf course—two favorites among travelers to Rocky Point.

Boys Weekend Rocky Point: Nightlife

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Spring Break Rocky Point

Of course, many groups of friends head to Rocky Point for its sunny days, but also for its excitement-filled nights.  Rocky Point’s clubs deliver a sultry party experience, but there’s such a great variety of nightlife options that you’re sure to find a place that suits.  From cozy seaside bars to dance-tastic clubs, there are plenty of venues that know how to show vacationers an unforgettable time.  Additionally, there are also loads of restaurants to suit every budget range.  You can try mouth-watering fusion food at an upscale hotel restaurant or enjoy fresh fish tacos from a beach stand—neither option will disappoint!  If you and your friends want a place to party in the sun, Rocky Point should easily top your list.

Boys Weekend Rocky Point: Where to Stay

You can camp around Rocky Point or live it up in one of the great resorts or hotels of the city.  It might be an inexpensive option, especially if you are traveling with a group, to rent a villa near one of the beaches.  You can read reviews online for any of the city’s accommodations and choose one that is ideal for your group.

Rocky Point is a fabulous place to meet people and enjoy Mexico’s hospitality and sunshine!  Talk to your friends about planning a trip soon!  It’s the perfect place for a guys’ getaway and you’ll be so delighted that you experienced all that Rocky Point has to offer!

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