Border Crossing Requirements

The Border Crossing Requirements can be broken down into two primary categories, Northbound Requirements, and Southbound Requirements.

tijuana border crossing
Tijuana Border Crossing 1985

Southbound Border Crossing Requirements (Mexico Immigration and Customs)

Southbound is coming from the United States/Canada into Mexico. The country concerned with Southbound crossing is Mexico! Mexico’s primary concerns on border requirements are:

It is important to note that Mexico is very welcoming of Tourists and is very protective of its tourism industry. For this reason, Mexico created a “Free Zone” which allows tourists to go back and forth in their vehicles without paying temporary import permit fees. Tourists still always need to stop and get an FMM when visiting Mexico. You can fill out the permit and FMM online here:

Northbound (United States Customs and Immigration Enforcement “ICE”)

Northbound is coming from Mexico and into the United States. This group is called Immigrations and Customs Enorcement, or “ICE”. ICE is mostly concerned with Border Crossing Requirements related to:

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