Bodyboard Baja

Winter is here! If you enjoy a little time on your belly in the ocean? Do you like it better in Cold Saltwater? Pack your full wetsuit and head south to Bodyboard Baja.

When he’s not selling Mexican Car Insurance

Some of the best spots in Baja are unmarked and kept a secret. But, fortunately for you, we have a map of spots like K38, Baja Malibu, Shipwreck, Volcanoes, and Mushrooms. Check out the map here:

Baja Surf Map
Baja Surf Map

A couple of things to remember as you navigate south. First, make sure you get your FMM. The FMM is a tourist permit. Most people can get away in Baja without one for the short term. But if you want to avoid any hassles with the Federal Authorities (local and State authorities want you there), get stamped. You can fill out the form here, stop at the border and get it stamped. Once the form is stamped you’re set!

The best way to cool down is in 58-degree water

Also, don’t forget the car insurance. All policies automatically come with roadside assistance. Most of us bring our old pickups which are perfect for surfboards and dirt roads – and breakdowns. The cost of insurance will be covered by your first tow or flat repair so don’t go without it!

BodyBoard Baja Tips

  • First and foremost, wax your board. Wax is not just for a surfboard, the bodyboard needs it also. Get the cold water wax for winter.
  • Tether your fins. You have great fins, now make sure you don’t lose them.
  • Booties – keep your feet warm, and don’t be afraid of stingrays. It may not look cool, but it keeps you out there longer without purple toes
  • Full-sized wetsuit. When the water dips below 60, you need a full 4:3 or 3:2 suit so that you can stay out all day.
  • Get a good board! Don’t go with a basic, get a Custom-X or Mike Stewart* to ride how you want. Multiple stringers stiffen the board for drop-knee possibilities. The better the board the more fun. And, you get what you pay for. * I use Mike Steward Science and Fins by Mike Stewart.
Charles Lundy Bodyboard Baja

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