Bass Fishing in Mexico

If you’re in Baja you don’t often think about bass fishing in Mexico. Though Mexico’s coastal waters have incredible sport fishing, its lakes are also filled with trophy fish like bass. In fact, Mexico is a hub for bass fishing and many of its lakes boast ideal habitats for these fish. International travelers flock to various bass hot spots for incredible Mexican fishing trips that promise to be unforgettable in terms of fishing, climate, and scenic attractions. If you are a bass fishing enthusiast, you’ll want to consider visiting any of the following locations for a fishing excursion you’ll never forget.

Lake Baccarac

Situated in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in the state of Sinaloa, Lake Baccarat attracts fishermen from near and far with its giant bass.  The lake’s climate and rich forage allow the bass to put on about two pounds per year. Ten to fifteen-pound trophy bass are not uncommon catches and eight-pound bass are an average catch for this lake. Many fishermen enjoy the gorgeous setting and relaxed atmosphere of this destination. In fact, plenty of anglers head here in the belief the lake harbors the next record bass!

Lake Baccarac Mexico
Lake Baccarac Mexico

Lake El Salto

Also located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Lake El Salto is another of Mexico’s most popular destinations for bass fishing. About ninety minutes from Mazatlan, El Salto is an irrigation lake that is world-famous for its bass fishing. Like the trophy bass of Lake Baccarac, El Salto’s bass also can gain up to two pounds per year. The lake is generous and continually multiplying the population of forage. With its coastal marshes, this lake is also a premier bird-watching destination. For great angling and awesome scenery, this lake is an incredible destination. 

Bass Fishing Mexico: Lake Guerrero

Situated in the state Tamaulipas, Lake Guerrero is a great bass-fishing destination in northeastern Mexico. Famous for its large quantity of bass, Lake Guerrero is just over three hours from Harlingen, Texas. Aside from trophy bass, the area also boasts extraordinary quail and dove hunting. Many travelers head here for both fishing and hunting. There are also plenty of boat charters and accommodations to be found around the lake. 

Lake Agua Milpa

Located in the beautiful state of Nayarit, Lake Agua Milpa is a well-known fishing destination with noted quantities of bass. Situated near the Town of Tepic in the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains, the lake is an eighty-foot long reservoir that is celebrated for its aggressive bass. Fishermen will love the challenge of these fish while enjoying the great scenery. 

Lake Baccara Bass
Lake Baccara Bass

Don’t Forget Your Mexican Fishing License

If you plan to fish in Mexico for bass, a fishing license is required. You can click here for updated information about fishing regulations and licenses for Mexico. Aside from your license, it also helps to reserve your accommodations as these lakes are immensely popular with fishermen. It may be possible to obtain group rates for a large charter as well. There are many groups in the U.S. as well as Mexico that specialize in organizing bass fishing trips to these and other great bass fishing destinations in Mexico. If you prefer to travel with a group, these are worth checking out.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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  1. Do any of these lakes have lodges which cater for fly- fishermen?
    I fly fish several lakes & rivers in SE USA for bass, and regularly visit Yucatan for bonefish & permit, and would love to try one of these Mexican lakes if any of the lodges cater to fly fishermen. Best regards, JohnHarrison.

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