Map of Baja South

Baja South Map
The map of Baja California South

You can download the PDF of the zoom-able version of this map here:  Downloadable Map of Baja South

Mountains, deserts, the Ocean, the Sea—traversing the beautiful wild of Baja South can be difficult indeed without a map.  Moreover, using the Baja California Sur map will help travelers located the best places to visit, the most revered scenic attractions, and the most popular cultural attractions, too.  Use the map and the following directions to help you navigate this topographically dynamic state!


Arcos Los Cabos
Arcos Los Cabos

Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas Driving Directions

This 750 journey is roughly a straight shot from north to south with a bit of zigzagging here and there.  A wonderfully scenic trip, this stretch is also easy enough to traverse; though, plan on a seventeen-hour time span to get from here to there.  When exiting Ensenada, drivers should go north on Boulevard Reforma and veer left at Avenue Benito Juarez.  Go right on Boulevard Reforma and on to Ejercito Nacional.  Drive toward Ensenada-Lazaro making a series of rights as directed to turn onto Ensenada-Lazaro; this stretch will also be referred to as Carr Federal 1 and drivers will remain on it for about fifty miles.


Make a left on Guerrero-Negro-Lazaro-Cardenas and continue on Carr Federal 1 for roughly 550 miles.  Then, turn left on Loreto-Ciudad and continue to follow Carr Federal 1.  Turn right on Ciudad Constitucion-Lapaz.  Turn right onto Lapaz-San Jose del Cabo and then take the ramp toward La Paz Todos Los Santos / Mexico 19 and follow Mexico 19 onto Boulevard Hidalgo.  Veer right onto Calle Cabo San Lucas and then turn left onto this road. Drive into town and enjoy!


San Felipe to La Paz Driving Directions

This 15 hour journey takes drivers through some interesting and beautiful terrain.  Using the map of Mexico, travel southwest on Bermejo.  Turn left on Isla de Cedrose.  Make a left at Avenue Mar Caribe Nte.  Head onto Camino del Sur and travel toward A Puertecitos.  Turn left on Guerrero-Negro-Lazaro-Cardenas and then make a left on Loreto-Ciudad-Constitucion, continuing to follow Carr Federal 1.  Travel onto Gral Agustin Olachea Aviles.  Continue onto Isabel La Catolica and into beautiful La Paz.


Sites of the Journey

As both of these journeys are considerably lengthy by car, it makes sense to break up the trip by visiting various sites and villages.  By using the Baja map, drivers will be able to adjust their trip to visit national reserves, ranches, or even historical and archaeological places of interest.  Moreover, use the map to make stops at seaside towns to enjoy meals while making the journey.  The map will help you locate the main thoroughfares so that finding these destinations and then returning to the journey at hand will be no problem.


When traveling through Baja California Sur, there are many long stretches with very little in sight.  The state is still remote in many areas so be sure to keep the map safe as it may come in handy in the event of a detour.  Also, keep water in the car and, optimally, a cell phone in the event there is a problem with the vehicle.  By using your maps and following some basic precautions, drivers can optimally navigate this fascinating Mexican state.