Baja Travel Tips

Baja Travel Tips from Expatriates in Baja

Our friends and clients at the former Newport Beach Hotel have helped us put together this Baja Travel Tips. As you can imagine running a hotel in Rosarito, they see a lot of tourists come and go. They share their experience in this article based on their own guest’s stories over the past 15 years. 

how to get a passport
Passport for Mexico

Carry Your Photo ID at All Times

If you get into a jam you might find yourself in a situation speaking to the authorities in Mexico. The very first question they ask you is for your identification. If you are a tourist, you should be treated with kid gloves, they might find you an interpreter or get you to your hotel.

Mexican Food
Mexican Food

Be Wary of Restaurants that Don’t Have Bathroom or Running Water

This should be self-explanatory but apparently, guests complain of getting drawn to various rogue establishments to eat. The unknowing tourist eats the food, then gets sick. Looking back, when they only had a bucket of water behind the propane stove and no facilities – it was a bad idea. If you order fish and the girlfriend chicken – there should be separate grills. The popular taco stands don’t waive anyone in, they are already packed by locals in-the-know.

Come with a Full Tank of Gas

OK, this should be another no-brainer but guests have run out of gas! This can certainly ruin a trip. If you have®, call the claim and the Roadside Assistance will come and give you enough gas. If you DON’T have® – you need to walk. Just fill up before you cross the border this is not an issue.

Baja Travel Tip: Have Patience

Life runs at a much slower pace in Baja. This is the culture, and honestly one of the charms of Baja. Relax, and let things happen at half the speed you’re used to. It’s going to be OK, in fact, it’s going to be GREAT!

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Practice Spanish

Don’t get insecure in Baja about your terrible Spanish, or Spanglish. You have a whole state of Spanish teachers at your disposal. Teachers who are patient and gracious in their instructions regardless of how badly you may mangle this lovely, flowing language! Speak Spanish and enjoy it. Watch TV in Spanish, order your food in Spanish. Its all Bueno.

Call Your Cellular Company and Add Mexico Calling Feature

By now you realize you’re addicted to your devices right? Think about it, the first thing you do if you get in trouble? You reach for your cell phone. If you need to call in a claim at® or just search for the best local restaurants you’re going to need to make sure your phone works. AT&T is excellent in Mexico as they bought a big company down here but other options include T-Mobile and Verizon. Here is an article on cell phone coverage in Mexico

Baja Travel Tip: Getting Drunk

The hotel managers are not strangers to drunk tourists. Most of the problems they see are the result of people overindulging and then, instead of quietly resting it off they go out and raise hell. “We recommend enjoying the natural high of being in Mexico. If you can rest your mind long enough in this environment I don’t think you’ll need to get drunk. If you are that type of person who has to have booze with every good thing, then by all means indulge. But if you’re a full-blown alcoholic there are a ton of AA meetings we can take you to. Being a drunk and ugly tourist in Baja hardly ever ends well.”

Baja Travel Tip: Get MexInsurance®

“Nobody is paying us to say this, but it’s true. Get® or something similar but don’t come down here without Mexican coverage. We’ve seen some stupid things happen and those with coverage end up OK, those without call us from jail asking for help. Look, we like our guests but we can’t bail you out.”® has been selling Baja Insurance since 2003 online. The rates and coverage are great.

Baja is one of the most famous travel destinations for Americans. If you want to get the most of your vacation to follow this advice above from hotel managers who have seen it all. Plan your trip carefully, take the precaution and then go and have a blast. Baja is everything you want it to be.

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