Baja Surf Map

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Baja Norte Surf Map

Baja North Surf Map

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The Baja Peninsula features extraordinary beaches and many of its coastal locales boast some of the finest surfing to be had in North America.  The Baja surf map can help travelers locate prime baja surfing destinations in and around the peninsula’s most exciting vacation cities and towns.  Use the Baja surf map to plan your travel itinerary and amazing surf holiday. From the Pacific Ocean to the lower Sea of Cortez, there are many world-class surfing experiences in store for surfers at these surfing hot spots easily located on the Baja surf map.


Todos Santos

Some of the world’s best surfing can be found at these islands off the coast of Ensenada.  Known for major surfing events, these monster waves are favored among expert surfers.  Surfers typically hire a boat in Ensenada’s harbor to take them out to the islands and its “Killer Wave.”


Todos Santos

Todos Santos

Playas de Rosarito

Rosarito Beach offers some excellent surfing for beginners to expert surfers.  Rosarito is easy to locate on the Baja surf map and its beaches range for miles.  Surfers assert that the best waves tend to be south of Rosarito’s pier.


Seven Sisters

Revered for its excellent surfing, this region is situated about four hundred miles down on Mexico Highway 1.  The breaks of Seven Sisters are located between Punta Cono to Punta Rosarito.  The water tends to be colder here than San Diego’s waters, but the perfect waves attract the world’s best surfers.


Playa los Cerritos

This Baja California Sur beach is praised for its consistency of swells.  Typically crowded, this beach and its waves attract surfers of all levels.  It is easy to locate on the Baja surf map and can be accessed off Mexico 19.



This great surf spot is only six miles to the south of Rosarito Beach so it’s in easy driving distance of the U.S. border.  The surfing is regarded as excellent and there is also a nearby resort for surfers who want to make a real vacation of their surf trip.


Baja Surf near K-38

Baja Surf near K-38

San Miguel

Located just north of Ensenada and only slightly more than sixty miles from the border, San Miguel boasts renowned surfing and its waves are considered by surfers to be among the peninsula’s best.  Its righthand pointbreak is considered the best in the northern peninsula.  Since it’s only eight miles from Ensenada, it’s a convenient drive from that premier vacation town filled with amazing tourist venues.


La Fonda

La Fonda tends to be a consistent surf area no matter what the season.  While its waves can always be counted upon to deliver excitement, some can grow to immense proportions making it an extraordinary place to surf in northern Baja California.

La Fonda

La Fonda


By looking at the Baja surf map, travelers can see a myriad of surf opportunities up and down the Pacific Coast and even into the Sea of Cortez.  Other surfing hot spots to consider include Scorpion Bay, Rauls, Salsipuedes, Shipwrecks, Punta San Jose, Las Graviotas, and Punta Cabra.  Of course, there are many others that can be discovered by checking out the Baja surf map.



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