Tijuana Street Map

Street Map of Tijuana
Tijuana Street Map


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Tijuana Map
Map of Tijuana







Tijuana is a busy city, in fact Tijuana is the most populated city in Baja. This map should help you find where you’re going.

Once you’ve arrived in Tijuana, Baja Mexico you will use this Tijuana Street map to find gas stations, hospitals, tourist centers and hotels.


Are you coming from Rosarito, Ensenada or other points south? As your enter Tijuana you’ll notice the street signs, use this Tijuana street map to match the street sign with your location.

Are you hungry? Find the McDonalds on the map here.

Out of gas? This map displays gas stations in and around Tijuana.

Do you have a medical emergency? Use the map to find the red-cross symbol to find medical assistance in Tijuana.

Tijuana is a wonderful place to visit, but most often Tourists find themselves looking for a way through the city.  There are several major roads in and out of the city but in the confusion of signs in spanish, and unfamiliar faces, buildings and vehicles it is easy for the tourist to get lost in Tijuana.  This Tijuana Street Map should help you find your way not just back to the U.S., but to anywhere you are looking to go through Tijuana.  On Sundays you might find the off-ramps and on-ramps to the border crossings in Tijuana congested and difficult to navigate.  There may also be time when the Tijuana police re-route traffic to the Otay Crossing if the San Ysidro crossing is too crowded.  When this happens, let your passenger use this map to help you navigate your way through the city.  Perhaps you might even stop for a bathroom break and an ice cream on the way!

If your destination is Tijuana, in Baja California – then this Street Level map of Tijuana will help you find your precise destination in Baja.