Puerto Nuevo Map


Puerto Nuevo Map
Map of Puerto Nuevo

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This renowned lobster town is a famous Baja Peninsula destination.  Using the Puerto Nuevo map, travelers can locate this “lobster capital of Baja” which is in easy driving distance from Rosarito Beach.  More than thirty restaurants specialize in the renowned pan-fried lobster that attracts visitors from near and far.  Check out the Puerto Nuevo map and make plans to visit this picturesque coastal town that knows how to feed hungry travelers!


Rosarito Beach to Puerto Nuevo Driving Directions

The trip to from Rosarito to Puerto Nuevo is an easy twenty-minute drive and is just shy of thirteen miles.  Take the Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada Cuota (toll road) south to the Puerto Nuevo exit.  Turn left onto Carretera Libre and travel for about two miles until you head into town.  The Puerto Nuevo map is a helpful resource for drivers who also want to locate surrounding areas, major thoroughfares, and other possible driving routes.  One nice feature about the toll road are the Green Angels that patrol the route to assist drivers that have broken down or need some time of vehicle assistance.


San Diego, California to Puerto Nuevo Driving Directions

Traveling from San Diego to Puerto Nuevo is about a fifty-five minute drive and well worth the trek when looking for a bit of Mexican sunshine and delicious Puerto Nuevo lobster.  Travelers can use the Puerto Nuevo map to check out this easy route.  After crossing into Mexico at the San Ysidro crossing, take the Rosarito/Ensenada Scenic Road 1.  Drivers will remain on this toll road all the way to the Puerto Nuevo exit. After exiting the roll road the Puerto Nuevo exit (roughly thirteen miles from Rosarito Beach), turn left heading south on Carretera Libre for two miles and head into town.


Getting around Puerto Nuevo

The Puerto Nuevo map can guide travelers to this picturesque coastal town.  Since there are so many restaurants, travelers may want to use a restaurant map to locate a recommended venue.  Often, the coastal restaurants are known to fill up as they mostly feature patios and seating that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  Travelers may also want to read restaurant reviews in case they are looking for other features.  Aside from restaurants, there are also places to shop.  The map will help visitors to Puerto Nuevo navigate their way through this extraordinary little town.


Eating in Puerto Nuevo

While everyone seems to come for the pan-fried lobster, there is also plenty to drink in Puerto Nuevo.  Look for restaurants that feature bars along with other noteworthy features such as ambience, mariachi bands, or other local cuisine specialties for appetizers and dessert.  When visiting cities like Tijuana, Rosarito Beach, or even Ensenada, it’s always a great idea to fit a meal in Puerto Nuevo on the travel itinerary.  It is in easy driving distance from all of these cities and offers extraordinary ocean views that complement lunch or dinner.  The Puerto Nuevo map can help drivers find their way to this enchanting Baja town.