Baja Malibu

Baja Malibu WaveThe name alone should tell you that Baja Malibu is a killer spot to hang out and to surf at. Likening it to Malibu, California, it has the same sandy beaches, small-town vibe, and spitting swells. It’s quite a bit more northern than some of Baja Mexico’s other premiere surfing spots, but it is well worth a visit – you’ll understand when you get there.  Surf Baja Malibu

What’s so special about Baja Malibu? Well, once you see the waves, you won’t be asking that any longer! Simply put, the waves here are out of this world. They are actually some of the thickest on the Pacific. They get big, about head high to double overhead (five to ten feet), and are known to come in as top to bottom barrels. Best of all is that the waves are consistent. You can throw your board into the water and go! No waiting around for the perfect wave is needed at Baja Malibu.

When it’s a big day (when the waves are big) at Baja Malibu, the place fills up very fast. It’s one of the most well-loved surfing spots in all of Baja Mexico and surfers from all around Southern California head down to check it out. It’s a pretty big tourist spot as well. Despite the crowds, it is still possible (in fact, it’s incredibly easy) to have a great time here.

It’s important to note that the water around this spot  is a little bit colder than the water at other beaches in North Baja. Even in the warmest of summer months, you’ll want to pack a wetsuit just to be safe. Speaking

Baja Malibu Surfing
Surfing Baja Malibu

of cold water, winter is actually one of the best times to surf this spot. For one thing, the crowds have thinned out a little by then. The waves are also actually bigger and more frequent during the winter months.

Baja Malibu is a great place to spend a day of surfing if you’re looking for an excellent spot in North Baja (and, really, who isn’t?). It’s a quick jaunt from San Diego, almost always sunny, and the waves never seem to stop coming. Getting here is easy – take the “Baja Malibu” exit from the toll road. There’s a dead-end street right next to a bar called “Tecate Jacks” that you can usually park at for free.

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