Baja Fishing License

Since 2015 the Baja authorities will start checking for Baja Fishing Licenses if you out in the water as a tourist. Sportfishing in Baja is always welcome, but required documents and permits by the Mexican Government are a must. Avoid inconveniences and sanctions.

The Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego is working hard to inform travelers. On May 2015, the Mexican Government launched a website that contains the necessary electronic links and information. All the information and forms are in both English and Spanish.

Get your Mexican Fishing License here

This Mexican multiagency effort has allowed most foreign nautical tourists to comply with the Mexican legal requirements. The website forms makes it convenient and fast.

It is important to acknowledge that lack of compliance of Mexican rules results in sanctions. The ticket for non-compliance is $300. It is also possible to suffer detention and immediate deportation of crew and passengers. The worst-case scenario is the confiscation of vessels. The Mexican Navy and Immigration authorities are strengthening their presence in Baja waters. So be smart and get your documents in order before you leave! With the new online form, there is no excuse not to.

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