AVQ – Roadside Assistance in Mexico

AVQ – Roadside Assistance in Mexico

Every policy sold at® automatically includes AVQ. A comprehensive Roadside Assistance in Mexico package

AVQ – Asistencia Vial Qualitas (means “Quálitas Trip Assistance”) is a program for roadside assistance in Mexico.® helped in the design and implementation of the program back in 2015. It helps tourists who suffer flat tires, engine breakdown or a flat tire. In addition, other benefits include towing, rental car, locksmith, taxi, hotel stays and so much more. The idea behind the program is to encourage travelers to drive in Mexico without fear of being without help.

AVQ Roadside
AVQ – Asistencia Vial Mexico – Roadside Assistance in Mexico

Click on the infographic below to see the complete list of AVQ features. We requested the following specifically for our clients who overwhelmingly requested the majority of these features.

AVQ Roadside Assistance in Mexico Summary of Benefits

All benefits are subject to the AVQ Roadside Assistance in Mexico Terms and Conditions

  • Roadside – Gas, Oil, Battery Charge or Boost, Tire Change
    • If you run out of gas on a long stretch of highway, enough to get to the next gas station.
    • If your car stops because its low on oil – they will send enough oil to replenish until your car start. Most likely, if you ran your car for a long time without oil – you broke it.
    • If your motorcycle, car, truck or RV won’t start, they will send someone to assist with battery. They can jump-start, or boost it with a jumper to get you to the next station.
    • If you have a flat tire in Mexico – they will send someone out to assist in replacing the tire. Or they will tow you to a service station.
    • Tow Truck – if all else fails AVQ will tow your motorcycle, car or RV to the next service station. This benefit is for up to 50 kilometers near the border or 125 kilometers outside the border zones.
  • Locksmith – For key lockout
    • If you locked your keys in your car, just call AVQ Roadside Assistance and they will send someone to assist.
  • Taxi – for breakdown or tow truck
    • If your car needs a tow, you will go in a taxi to your hotel or accommodations. Taxi fare comes standard with the AVQ Roadside Assistance
  • Ambulance.
    • If you or an occupant of your vehicle needs medical care and you are unable to drive. AVQ Roadside includes Ambulance transfer at no cost to you.
  • Medical Transfer – Ground/air ambulance, or commercial flight
    • If the local doctors determine you need advanced treatment, you can be transferred to your preferred care facility.
  • Return to the US or Canada due to accident or illness.
    • If your accident requires special care and the doctor recommends your treatment by your personal physician. AVQ Roadside Assistance will transport you back to the United States or Canada.
  • Hotel Stay due to a traffic accident or illness.
    • If you are in an accident that requires a longer stay in Mexico than your current accommodations allow. AVQ Roadside will cover additional hotel costs.
  • Air ticket for a companion due to a traffic accident or illness.
    • If you are transferred under AVQ. AVQ will cover the commercial flight back to the closest city within Mexico for your companion.
  • Hotel and Food if the vehicle is not available or operable.
    • If your vehicle is inoperable and you can’t get back according to schedule. AVQ Roadside Assistance in Mexico will cover expenses related to Hotel and Food while the vehicle repair completes.
  • Car rental or travel expense if the car is stolen or breaks down.
    • If your car is stolen or breaks down. AVQ Roadside will compensate for car rental while the vehicle is in repair.

Mexico Roadside Assistance

AVQ at
All® insurance includes the following AVQ

The AVQ Roadside Assistance map below shows the difference between “Mile 0” and “Travel”. In the chart above Mile 0 is within 20 miles of the border ad “Travel” is beyond that. So to give an example if you are in Tijuana, you have unlimited instances of towing. But, because Tijuana is in Mile 0, you can only tow it 50 Km. However, if you are in “Travel”, say San Felipe, then you get 125km of towing, unlimited times per year. Mile 0

With the benefits available to clients through AVQ, visitors to Mexico can drive with confidence. If the car breaks down,® clients can file a claim and have someone come right out to help.

The complete Terms and Conditions of the AVQ Roadside Assistance in Mexico program is available here.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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