What to Do in the Event of a Break Down in Mexico

What to Do in the Event of a Break Down in Mexico

When your car breaks down in Mexico, it can be a nightmare or an inconvenience. Driving abroad in any country requires taking some precautions. Doing research about particular rules and regulations for driving in that country. Driving in Mexico is an exciting way to experience its natural attractions on your own. It makes for more fun way to get from one destination to another. Yet it’s important to know what to do if your car breaks down in Mexico.

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Rules and Safety

The first rule of thumb when driving in Mexico is to have Mexican car insurance. Some brokers, like®, include automatically tourist roadside assistance as an automatic feature.

As a tourist, it is illegal to drive without it, or a bond. Since many domestic insurers only cover damage to your car, it’s important to get Mexican Insurance before you cross. Secondly, you may need to procure a Mexican vehicle permit depending on where you plan to drive. You will not need a permit for driving anywhere in the Baja Peninsula or in the border towns. You should certainly check to see if your journey requires a permit by checking this Permit Free Zone Map.

Free Zone Map

If you have driven in Mexico before, you know there are many remote stretches. Moreover, the desert lands of northern Mexico have their own hazards if you happen to break down. It could take some time before help arrives, for instance.  Always have plenty of water in the car for any driving excursion to Mexico. And plan to bring your cell phone (make sure your carrier updates your service plan for international coverage). Here is an article that tells you how to make a phone call in Mexico.

What To Do if your Car Breaks down: WITH®

Vehicle problems can happen to anyone. However, you can reduce the possibilities of a break-down if you have your vehicle checked before leaving. Check your oil level, tire pressure, coolant, and battery connections. Also, make sure you have a good spare tire.

What To Do if you Breakdown in Mexico if you have®: Immediately file a claim.

What To Do if You Break Down in Mexico: WITHOUT MexInsurance®

If your vehicle breaks down in Mexico, it’s important to remain calm. If you are driving in areas patrolled by Mexico’s Green Angels (toll roads), you will find their services invaluable. Their job is to assist motorists who experience car issues on the roadways.  They can help determine the problem and line up towing. If you are stranded you can dial 078 while in Mexico for help. There are plenty of good mechanics in Mexico so if your vehicle needs to be serviced, you’re ok. Some drivers prefer to have their car towed to the border. Talk to your insurer about towing insurance when you sign up for a Mexican insurance policy.

Car Accident

Accidents that are mere fender benders may cause little more than an inconvenience. Especially if you forgot to buy have your®Mexican car insurance as well as your permit depending on where you are traveling. On the other hand, if the accident involves serious property damage and injuries, the Mexican authorities often handle such cases as criminal events and may bring drivers in for processing. If you are on your own, it’s best to call the American Consulate when at the station. You should also call your insurer who can assist you. How to File a Claim in Mexico

Remember never to drink and drive while traveling in Mexico as driving under the influence can negate any release even if bail is posted.

While driving in Mexico as elsewhere may involve some precautions, you aren’t likely to have any trouble if you follow the rules of the road and have your insurance in place. Throngs of Americans drive Mexico’s roadways and some do experience accidents which are merely minor nuisances of travel; Mexico is used to such occurrences and so is your insurer! Experiencing Mexico’s gorgeous scenery from behind the wheel is an enchanting experience. Plan accordingly and you will be well prepared even if your car breaks down in Mexico.

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