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Mexico’s Roads: 5 Things You Could Encounter

Mexico's Roads

In many ways, driving in Mexico is a lot like driving on California or Arizona’s highways and byways. On the other hand, any time you drive in a foreign country, you can expect some differences. If you’re planning to drive into Mexico for a vacation or road trip, you should be prepared for what you might encounter on Mexico’s roads. And, don’t drive into Mexico without valid Mexico auto insurance or you won’t be driving legally.

Loose Animals 

Loose animals aren’t unknown on U.S. roads, but they aren’t commonplace either. When driving in Mexico, you may see more loose animals running near or on Mexican roads. Animals are common road hazards on Mexico’s roads in both rural and urban areas. Hitting an animal can do extensive damage to your vehicle. Be sure you are driving with Mexico auto insurance or you risk being arrested.  


Detours are common in Mexico but they can be disconcerting for drivers who aren’t familiar with Mexican roads. Always have plenty of gas in your vehicle and water in case of a long detour that could take you out of the way of towns or cities.

Unusual Road Signs 

Before driving in Mexico, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Mexican road signs. For instance, Mexico’s speed limits and distance signs and markers will be in the metric system. The majority of signs will also be in Spanish. Take care to learn some basic signs so you’ll be comfortable driving across the border.

Hazardous Roadways 

Depending on where you’re driving, you could run across unpaved roads or roads that have obstacles or other hazards. Boulders, potholes, gravel roads–be on your guard because you never know when you might encounter a problem.

Bad Visibility 

Take extra care when driving in Mexico at night. Some local drivers may not use their headlights. Many roads aren’t well lit or lit at all. You need to exercise extreme caution when driving in poorly lit conditions. Inclement weather at night can also make driving conditions worse.

If you’re new to driving in Mexico, you definitely want to keep these roadside issues in mind. If you do have a problem and get into an accident, it can be helpful to have roadside assistance with your Mexico insurance policy. Contact us to help you set up your policy. Remember that it’s typically less expensive to obtain Mexican auto insurance before you enter Mexico or you could pay double.

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