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Things to do in Chihuahua

Looking for things to do in Chihuahua? Here are some popular options, events in Chihuahua that you may or may not enjoy.

Seasoned travelers know that getting away should be an adventure. It does not matter if the destination if the next town, a neighboring state or an entirely different country – travel provides a golden opportunity to meet new people, revel in novel experiences and see the world in a whole new way.

Valle de los Hongos - Chihuahua small
Valle de los Hongos – Chihuahua small

If you are looking for a wonderful way to spend some time, traveling to Chihuahua is a great place to start. This affordable vacation is well within reach, especially if you bring your car. You do not need to fear driving in Mexico – a few simple precautions, like getting a quality Mexican auto insurance policy, will allow you to enjoy your international adventures without worry.

Beyond its easy access, the Chihuahua area has a number of other advantages, including the high number of special events and unique adventures travelers can find there. Whether this is your first time visiting Mexico or your 20th, you will always find something new and different to enjoy. Here are some of the best upcoming events in Chihuahua – all waiting for you to enjoy them.

Parque el Palomar - Chihuahua small
Parque el Palomar – Chihuahua small

Walk an Ultra Marathon

Have always wanted to enter a marathon but hate the idea of running all those miles? You might want to slow your pace and head to the town of Urique. The Caballo Bianco Ultra Marathon is part walking tour, part race, and all fun.

There are prizes for the people who complete the 75km ultra-marathon route in the shortest time. But, feel free to take your time and soak up the abundant sunshine and unique sights. Even if you are not a runner, you are sure to have a great time.

International Festival

Mexico is not a true melting pot, with only a few residents and visitors from all over the world. The country is proud of its national heritage and celebrates that at its annual Festival Internacional.

The Festival Internacional brings hundreds of artists together, representing every region of Mexico and the entire world. You can browse the stalls, enjoy the fine artistic creations and even take home a few for yourself.

Ruta Sierra Tarahumara

The Chihuahua region is a popular destination for bikers. Beautiful scenery, excellent roads and lots of bike-friendly places to stop along the way. If you are planning your own motorized getaway, you will want to check out the Ruta Sierra Tarahumara. Traveling through the beautiful Sierra Tarahumara region, this popular motorcycle race is sure to get your motor running.

When you have had your fill of racing bikes, you can stop at one of the many biker-friendly establishments in the region. The residents of Chihuahua love their bikes, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Copper Canyon - Chihuahua Mexico small
Copper Canyon – Chihuahua Mexico small

Fiesta Juarez

If you are looking for a more family-friendly adventure, just head to Juarez for this annual festival. Fiesta Juarez is a true neighborhood party, filled with great food, friendly people, local crafts and lots of shopping. Be sure to come early and plan to stay late – the celebration continues well into the night.

Travel should be a wonderful adventure, not a boring tourist experience. If you are ready to have some fun and meet some great new people, a trip to Chihuahua could be just the thing. Each of these events is well worth your time, so start making your plans now.

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Towing in Mexico


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