Off-Road Baja

Off-roading is among the most popular activities among vacationers traveling in Mexico.  From beaches to trails to challenging terrain, Mexico’s landscape seems to beckon off-roaders of all types from motor bikes to ATVs to various 4×4 vehicles.  While the Baja Peninsula is, perhaps, the most famed region of the country for off-roading adventures and internationally famous races like the Baja 1000, there are also some more specific locales where off-road enthusiasts driving at all skill levels can enjoy an off-road experience—Mexican style!

Keep in mind that bringing your own off-road vehicle to Mexico requires a check with your insurance agent; you may need to purchase additional adventure or liability insurance for your off-roading trip to Mexico.  If you are renting vehicles, discuss insurance policies and requirements at the time you book your rental.  The following locations are among the most popular Mexican locations that offer loads of off-roading fun.

Rosarito, Baja California

Conveniently located near the U.S. border, Rosarito is just south of Tijuana and is even popular for day trips when it comes to off-roading adventures.  Off-roading is popular on the beaches or throughout the hill trails.  Off-roading is one of this city’s favorite pastimes and it’s usually easy to procure a rental if you prefer not to tow your own down to Mexico.  There are also motorsport tours available that are led by guides through the dunes or into the mountains; these tours are popular for bachelor outings, groups of friends, couples, or even corporate groups.  After a day’s adventure, there are plenty of cool hangouts and eateries near the beach to top off your perfect Rosarito day.

Cancun, Quintana Roo

Cancun and the surrounding region offer some of the best off-roading experiences in the country.  Tour the mangroves, jungles, and grasslands of the area on an ATV; most tours end at the Caribbean Sea—the perfect place to splash off the day’s sweat before a night on the town!  If you prefer something bigger, Hummer tours are popular around Cancun.  There is a myriad of rental companies throughout the city that provide guides, maps, and gear.  If you are looking for a serious 4×4 off-roading experience, the jungle terrain of the Yucatan is loaded with thrills, challenging terrain, and fabulous sites!

Mexicali, Baja California

The open areas in and around this state capital make for the ideal off-roading playground.  <a href="">Kato Inowe</a> / <a href=""></a>You’ll kick up plenty of dirt as you face the challenges of the hilly twists and turns around Mexicali.  Conveniently located near the U.S. border, Mexicali is easy to reach and fun to explore on dirt bikes and ATVs.  Mexicali is home to a thriving off-roading and racing community.  The desert and its series of endless treks make this a favorite 4×4 destination.  Desert racing reigns supreme in Mexicali, but you can also drive at your own pace with a convenient rental and experience the unforgettable terrain of northern Mexico.

Los Cabos, Baja California

Los Cabos is the region at the tip of the Baja Peninsula and is comprised of a couple resort communities.  People that don’t come down to fish, often come down to experience the area’s other method of exhilaration—off-roading!  You can hit the dunes and trails in dune buggies that compete in the famed Baja 1000 or you can just explore the High Sierra country with a vehicle that is designed to take you off the beaten path!  The great part about exploring the Los Cabos region by ATV is that you can discover sites of Cabo and experience a terrain that is like no other with its majestic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.