Roadside Summary of Benefits
Roadside Summary of Benefits
Mile-0 Reference Map
Mile-0 Reference Map

AVQ Reference Summary Guide and Qualitas strive to provide the best roadside assistance in terms of both quality and affordability. We've created this reference guide to inform clients about the changes coming. First and foremost, all policies from will now include $300,000 as a base minimum liability. In addition, all policies will include AVQ, a free add-on that includes ambulance, taxi, towing, legal, concierge, air evacuation, hotel and other amazing benefits to clients. As always, if you have any additional questions, be sure to contact our helpful customer service staff.

Roadside Assistance: General Conditions

Through our Qualitas Mexican Insurance offerings, our roadside assistance general conditions include the following:

Basic Road Assistance

Qualitas AVQ provides 5 liters of fuel (or an adequate supply to reach a gas station), tire change service, and battery charging. Exclusions include car parts, oil, and other expenses.

Tow Truck Service

In the event you require a tow truck due to an accident or breakdown, AVQ will provide free towing within a 50-mile radius. There is no annual limit with our towing assistance. If the tow truck cannot accommodate passengers, AVQ will also provide taxi service for you and your vehicle's passengers.


If your vehicle requires 48 hours or more to be repaired, Qualitas will provide a two-day car rental or $50 in daily expenses.


If you lock your keys in your car, we will provide locksmith service so you can get into your vehicle with no monetary limit. However, we do not offer free key workmanship.

Ground Ambulance and Medical Transfer

If you are hurt in a car accident, Qualitas AVQ provides ambulance transfer to the nearest hospital (based on medical advice). If additional transfer is needed (by ground or air) to medical facilities outside of Mexico (i.e. San Diego or Houston) AVQ will also provide that accommodation based on the advice of medical staff.

Car Accidents, Injury, Illness

If you are unable to return on your own to the US or Canada because of a traffic accident or illness, we will provide ground or air travel accommodations provided you are released by medical staff to travel.

If you are hospitalized because of a traffic accident, AVQ will also provide post-hospital treatment and a week's stay at a hotel for convalescence.

If you are hospitalized for ten days or more, Qualitas AVQ will provide commercial air tickets for your travel companion.

In the event of death due to a traffic accident or illness, AVQ will provide local burial expenses or will transfer your remains to a US or Canadian city in accordance with your wishes.

Natural Disasters or Political Conflicts
If a natural disaster occurs or a political event, barring you from travel, Qualitas AVQ will provide lodging expenses--up to $80 (US currency).

In the event you and your vehicle's occupants are injured in an accident, our new benefits stipulate that we will provide payment to your medical provider for specialists, RX imaging, laboratory services, hospital care, dental care, and optical care. Other medical benefits include drugs and medication delivery.

In the event your vehicle is stolen or unusable due to an accident or breakdown for more than 24 hours, Qualitas AVQ will provide hotel accommodations an d food expenses up to a $370 limit.

As these are only the highlights of our new benefits offered through Qualitas AVQ to accompany all Mexican Insurance from - please click the link below for complete terms and conditions.

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