Insurance Claims Near the Mexican Border

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Your Cell Phone Might be Picking Up a U.S. signal from Mexico As you approach the border your cell phone may switch from a domestic Mexican carrier (Telcel, Movistar, etc) to a U.S. carrier (at&t, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) without notice. When this happens your phone thinks you’re in the United States and international dialing rules…

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Driving Diesel to Mexico?

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If you have a new diesel …one of those gorgeous beasts that push out 480 horsepower and get 24 mpg…do you want to take it to Mexico? I know it’s tempting…the comfort and control, maybe camping in an Airstream along the coast or near the Lake of Chapala? But did you know that Mexican diesel…

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NOT a good weekend to visit Mexico through San Diego!!!

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If you plan to visit Mexico from Southern California you might want to try Sonora’s Rocky Point (south of Arizona). The traffic will be a nightmare this weekend (9/22/17-9/25/17) Weekend border closure could spark Carmageddon

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Allow me to introduce you to…”Mexico Mike” Nelson

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Dear Clients, I have been selling Mexican Insurance online since 2003, for 14 years! In those years I’ve met some amazing people while doing business in Mexico. One such person is Mike Nelson, who goes by “Mexico Mike” on the internet. He and I share life philosophy so we clicked almost immediately.  As the years…

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Mexican Immigration – FMM Online

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FiIllable Mexican FMM form from the Mexican Government. (Disclaimer: by using this online form you are using a website which does not adhere to Mexico Insurance Services Privacy Policy.)

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Mexican Vehicle Theft Report 2017

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The Mexican Insurance Industry automobile theft report from March 2016 to February 2017. Theft is up in Baja North, Carjackings are up across the country…Tourist communities are relatively low theft zones.

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Mexican Insurance Roadside Assistance Claims – Trip to CDMX

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Clients and friends, I know, filing a Claim in Mexico = Stress.   100% of claims files are because something bad happened.  Our commitment as premier mexican auto insurance provider is to ease that stress.  Obviously a flat tire, an accident, car breakdown – these things will cause paint and it is out of our…

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New Documents Being Mailed NOW

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Dear Insured, We just sent out an email about our Proof of Insurance cards containing incorrect Claims Hotline.  In addition to the email, we also had send out updated documents to all active policyholders.  You can login to your account and view/update/download and re-print your documents at any time but we wanted to make…

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Making a Phone Call in Mexico

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Please make sure you check your international dialing and data plans before you leave for Mexico!!!

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The Differences Between Mexican Insurance and U.S. Car Insurance

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We are all so accustomed to buying insurance in the United States that it has literally become part of our lives.  In 1927 the rulers in Connecticut passed a mandatory auto insurance law, and ever since states have been adopting similar versions. So, as an American citizen it is likely that you were forced to…

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mexican insurance – Mexico Vehicle Theft Report 2015

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The Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS) is an association that strives to promote the development of the insurance industry in Mexico.  This association represents interests of the industry to public authorities, private and public sector and provides technical support to members. The figures below paint a picture of insurance theft in Mexico which…

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FMM Tourist Card

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What is the FMM – Tourist Card? The FMM Tourist Card is required of tourists visiting Mexico for vacation.  Form FMM from the Mexican Immigration Office that documents all long-term visitors to Mexico.  “Long Term” refers to a duration greater than 72 hours. Note:  Baja California is a permit-free zone, meaning tourists can come and…

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Ten Reasons Baby Boomers Love Rocky Point

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Although the Spring Break set loves Rocky Point, baby boomers also find this city to be especially enchanting all year long. Situated on the beautiful Sea of Cortez with its myriad of marine wonders, Rocky Point also lures older generations who find the city’s attractions well-suited to their interests. The following ten features are popular…

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7 Hot Spring Break Locations in the Baja Peninsula

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If you are hunting for a spring break getaway in region with postcard-worthy settings and a plethora of fun things to do, the Baja Peninsula is an extraordinary vacation destination that’s loaded with affordable accommodations as well as scenic and cultural attractions. If you want to enjoy spring break Baja style, consider these world-class destinations….

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If you are planning a driving excursion into Mexico, you should know that Mexican car insurance is a must. As a legal requirement, all drivers must have Mexican car insurance when driving anywhere in Mexico. is an internet-based insurance company that offers a wide array of insurance policies that allow you to drive with…

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Spring Break in San Felipe

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San Felipe Kayak Noted at as the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is a beautiful seaside city of Baja California. While the state is often well known for its Pacific Coast tourist cities and towns, San Felipe demonstrates how the Sea of Cortez is just as fine a destination when it comes…

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What’s Biting for Spring Break? Rocky Point Sport Fishing

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Rocky Point lures travelers for many reasons. Some seek the glorious sunshine and beach lifestyle along the Sea of Cortez. Others enjoy its Mexican culture, golf, or water sports. Many, of course, make the trek to Rocky Point to participate in the world-class sport fishing that can be found in its waters. Since many flock…

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Enjoying Your Spring Break in Rocky Point

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Rocky Point’s beautiful beaches are beckoning! Leave winter behind and head off to the soft sands along the Sea of Cortez and take part in the perpetual party that is spring break in Rocky Point. With its vibrant atmosphere, spring break in what locals call Puerto Penasco is filled with attractions and activities during this…

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Tijuana’s Sante et Beaute Spa: Blissful Rejuvenation across the Border

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Sante et Beaute Spa Tijuana may be known for its vibrant nightlife, but its daytime attractions are just as enticing.  In fact, if you are crossing the border into Tijuana soon, be sure to book some rejuvenating treatments at the revered Sante et Beaute Spa, the perfect place to enhance your mind, body, and spirit…

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AVQ Roadside

What happened to Latin Assist?

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When I attended the Qualitas Agent Conference in August 2014 I learned about the AVQ – which is a domestic Roadside Assistance program that Qualitas offers to their domestic insureds. I asked the director from Mexico City if we could tweak the program for tourists. Over next two weeks we developed a program for tourists that addresses ALL of our goals for you….all of them:

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